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MIDIControl is a UGen that transmits MIDI Control Data directly into the Server ... It includes now also a Note-On switch. Download the most recent version from .


HIDControl is a server side implementation of the HIDDeviceService. Use your gamepad data as a UGen... Download from .

JTUGens is a collections of ~UGens for Supercollider 3 by Jan Truetzschler. It includes:

  • a granular synth (a modified port of the msp munger by Dan Trueman)
  • ImpulseDrop
  • PulseCount2 that counts backwards when it receives a reset-trigger
  • PulseCount3 that resets itself when it reached a maximum value

Download the most recent version from This version includes the source code and the compiled plugin for mac osx.

For more UGens visit

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Page last modified on October 16, 2006, at 05:20 PM